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My Affiliate Marketing Story


Having played with affiliate marketing on and off now for more than 20 years and been unsuccessfully involved in many programs over time, I am still yet to make a single dollar in sales.
I hate to think of what this may have cost over the years, as I am too scared and embarrassed to add it all up. But would probably run into $1000s of dollars.

I was the “poster child” for “shiny object syndrome!” In the past year, I have acquired no less than 30 shiny new objects all to no avail.
I have always believed that a full-time online income was achievable with commitment and perseverance and while seeing other people having massive success, it seems to have alluded me for all my efforts.

It has never been about my ability to put in the time, as I have committed thousands of hours over the years trying to establish an online business to receive no reward.
My effort was obviously not focused on the right areas. I know it can be done as I have seen others achieve it, I seem to have been always missing the one secret ingredient but hadn’t yet identified it.
I am ashamed to admit that despite my best efforts over many years, I have made not a single dollar, (0, Nil, None, Zero, Zilch) and my ever-patient wife rolls her eyes when I talk about building an online business due in part to my inability to make it deliver any income in the past. Looking back now I can see how this must look in her eyes, over the years, throwing money into a black hole.
For me, I guess I like to view this in line with the words of Benjamin Franklin who said “I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” I know that affiliate marketing can be successful it just requires focus and ongoing commitment. I need to make it happen and I believe I can. So, it is no more get-rich-quick plans or shiny object syndrome for me. I am now working with a mentor to ensure that I am building a sustainable business with a solid base from the ground up to achieve my goals in a steady as she goes step by step path to the top.

I believe I have now turned the corner after reading a free hard copy book by successful affiliate marketer Dean Holland called “The Iceberg Effect ” In this free hardcopy book Dean reveals the secrets of his success in affiliate marketing. Do yourself a favour and grab a free copy of this book! at this link.

Peter Abraham

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